Our Process


1. Research – We do an analysis to identify your goals and gather data about your organization, products, services, customer behavior, market, goals, stakeholders, and desired outcomes.

2. Challenge – We do a root cause analysis and ask “why,” then look at the data and find gap between where you are with your customers, staff, competitors and where you would like to be positioned in the future.

3. Strategy – We will determine a solution, what you want to do, to move you where you want to be in the future; (new procedures, systems, processes, media) resulting in a full-service training/marketing campaign to reach your goals.


4. Plan – We will provide specific tactics to support your strategy, how you will do it, providing your campaign with an acceptable balance of risk and reward, along with a conversion scenario.

5. Budget – We will propose affordable budget options that optimize your resources, while assessing the effectiveness of your historical budget practices and identify opportunities for incremental change.

6. Implement – We implement the plan by producing content and executing creative activities related to each goal outlined in the plan of action.


7. Measure – We refer back to “the Challenge” to assess current state and refer back to “the plan” to ensure it is still feasible and appropriate if conditions change, while testing the strategy and reporting to you on the progress toward the goals.

8. Optimize – We report to you on the accomplishment of goals, and refine the scenario, where needed.